This car was purchased by our shop owner, Adam, last year from a longtime customer of the shop, Matt H. He let the car go for cheap since it needed a lot of work. Step 1: Paint the wheels.

LegacySSBronze Legacy

Seeing these cars put together well is a bit rare so Adam was excited to give it a go.

Some of the first things installed on the car…

Transmission – Version 5 STI 5sp non-DCCD, rebuilt with OBX Racing Helical LSD, lightened single piece flywheel, Spec Stage 3 clutch, Perrin shifter bushings

20140807_18005620140807_133751 LegacySS rear diff2

Rear Diff – custom built Carbonetic 4.11 FD 1.5 way LSD

LegacySS rear diff

Downpipe – Turbo XS 4″ custom fitted for the car


Exhaust – Prodrive Catback

LegacySS exhaust6

After enjoying the car for a few months, it was time to pull the motor. The closed deck 2.2l is a pretty awesome platform so Adam decided to build up a stout 2.2l for the car.

IMG_9706 IMG_9763

The new short block was built with

Wiseco Pistons
New OEM crank (only 2 left in the country)
Scat forged rods
King Racing Series bearings
2008 STI oil pump.

IMG_8886IMG_8895 IMG_9895 IMG_9906 IMG_9909sti-intake-man

We finished things off with a Mishomoto Performance Radiator and catch can. A stock Forester XT stock intercooler was used in conjunction with a relatively modest TD05-16G turbo for initial break-in.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005

Adam wrapped a set of Rota Grids with BFG g-Force Rival 245/40/17 tires. The fenders needed a little love to clear the tires but after some rolling everything fit perfectly.

IMG_0018 IMG_9157

Time for some Brembos!