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Here at NWRS, we strive to offer the best vehicles, parts, and service available. We are committed to making your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, while keeping your vehicle in prime running shape.

Each and every one of us here at NWRS are members of the PNW car community, so we have firsthand experience with the love and devotion that comes with owning a performance vehicle.

We all value your experience and connection with your car, and we’re here to help you achieve your performance and longevity goals.


Here at Northwest Rally Sports we take pride in our work. Everything is double checked before being reassembled to make sure that your vehicle is put back together correctly guaranteeing that you will be happy with our services. It is imperative for us that you are happy with our work.
We take extra care when servicing your vehicle to ensure your satisfaction.


We are a dedicated Subaru shop with over 15 years experience. It takes a certain knowledge and skill set to correctly service your Subaru. Your boxer engine has a very unique design and requires a technician that is familiar with its “quarks”. Due to our extensive experience we know just what to look for. We also know what parts to use, and which ones to not use, when repairing your Subaru.


Northwest Rally Sports guarantees all its workmanship. We offer a 1-year/12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

If something goes wrong due to parts failure or installation we will make it right for you.

Adam Gormley
Adam GormleyOwner
Hobbies: Building cars, remodeling houses, martial arts, snowboarding, photography, golfing

Garage: ’08 BMW M3, ’01 Subaru 2.5RS, ’00 Dodge Ram 2500