Customer Feature – 2011 Stage 5 STi Hatchback

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2015 Subaru WRX – Invidia Q300 Titanium Installation

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Customer Feature – Mark A.’s 2006 WRX Wagon

We’re really excited to feature one of our customer’s cars, a 2006 Impreza WRX wagon.Mark A. picked this wagon up in early 2013 and has been working hard to make it his own ever since.So far, he has added a Cobb Tuning downpipe, Cobb Tuning SF Box intake, Perrin inlet hose, BC coilovers, and a […]

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’98 2.5rs 2.0L swap (1st edition – donor vehicle tear down)

Today we started to tear down our ’02 Impreza WRX donor vehicle. The WRX came to an untimely end due to a major impact in the front right corner. Step one is to strip down all the needed parts out of this vehicle to inspect and/or recondition prior to installation into the RS coupe. We […]

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(Update #4) 1991 Subaru Legacy Turbo Project Car

Fall is coming in fast but Adam was able to snap a few photos of the Legacy in the sun. The motor is around 6 months old with about 2500 miles on it. Runs like a champion! After spending a few months with the ISC N1 coilovers, we’re sold. This car was built with handling in mind […]

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2016 Subaru BRZ – Tomei Titanium Exhaust Install

This customer patiently waited eight long weeks for is 2016 Subaru BRZ to be delivered. Having been in the same situation before, I fully understand the inexplicable desire to order parts for a car you don’t even have yet. Clear corners, titanium cat back, headers, wheels… It’s a short term solution for a long term […]

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