• Antonio Y.
  • 18 July, 2018

This is one of the most unique builds we’ve ever done, and it’s usually our go-to feature car (for many, many reasons.). The build is both form and function, with a NWRS Stage 3+ built short block, a Crawford Stage 5+ turbo kit, and plenty of aesthetics for its obvious curb appeal.

We have taken this car to events with us, we’ve featured it heavily on our website and social media accounts…

We love to use this car as an example. Why?

Because it’s purpose built, beautifully maintained, and exactly what most of us would do given the same platform.

We’ve recieved a lot of questions about this build,  and now we’re finally releasing the build sheet!

Keep in mind that this is a consolidated list, and there are a lot of missing details. If you’re interested in the details, let us know!

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