JDM is an acronym meaning Japanese Domestic Market. An engine that is referred to as a JDM motor is any engine released in the Japanese market that never made its way into the United States market. These engines are more commonly used as replacements due to their low overall mileage and use. Engines from Japan have an average of 60,000 kilometers (37,500 miles) when they are removed. This is due to a bi-annual inspection that Japanese cars have to go through before they are licensed. It is less expensive to purchase and insure a new car than to fix the old. As a result, the vehicles are dismantled and all good running parts are sold into different markets. Northwest Rally Sports can provide you with JDM engines and transmissions for your vehicle. We can obtain for you both stock and performance engines at a competitive price. Call for current pricing and availability. * All JDM engine and transmission orders must be paid for in full prior to ordering. * Delivery requires 7 – 10 business days.