• Antonio Y.
  • 16 May, 2019


Having a car that sits narrow, or wide is usually an enthusiast dream. It’s one of the first things a random passerby will notice. The hardest part about widening your cars stance, is usually picking out what kind of flares you want on it in the first place.



ABW Motorsports – 80(mm) Recessed Arch Fender Flares.


Here, you can see how much the tires sit outwards from the car “Widening” the stance of the vehicle. This is achieved (tastefully) by having a set of fender flares for the make and model of your car, fabricated & either bolted or bonded on. It’s important to understand that getting some pre-made universal fit flares from E-Bay, will usually have some fitment difficulties, be low quality & usually require an extra amount of fabricating.




These flares are pretty aggressive; obviously, widening the stance of this WRX, but due to them being recessed, it also shows more of the tires. And who wouldn’t want to show of their set of powder-coated Cosmis wheels, and performance tires?


Want Something That’s a Little More Reserved?

ABW Motorsports – Newage Flare/Skirt Kit.

For the people out there who want a tasteful yet lowered and fitted body, this might be the style you’re looking for.  This set is for new-age Hawkeye’s, Blobeye & Bugeye.

It includes a a full set of flares, sides skirts & front lip. These differ from the recessed flares and connect to the side skirt and front lip. These hide your tires more then a recessed pair. It also might be worth mentioning due to the flares connecting to the skirts and the lip, you could have a more consistent color scheme.


ABW Motorsports – JTA Body Kit.

Additionally, if finding the right combination of fender flares & skirts proves to be to grueling you can always get a body kit. This is ABW Motorsports JTA Body Kit, includes the front bumper, front wings/fender, side skirts and wide rear arch kit. These boy kits are the whole package, all designed to fit together for a super aggressive stance.

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